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Scheduled Training - Stochastic Processing (1/2 day)

Please note: You must complete the General Overview and General Liability Web Based Training before attending  these sessions. In addition, experience using the Annuity or Universal Life module is recommended.

With the improving speed of computers, actuarial analysis has become more and more about stochastic analysis. In this session, we will introduce the Stochastic Processing component of StochasticTools. This component offers much more power in setting up and analyzing large numbers of scenarios. It also opens the door to computer-intensive Stochastic-on-Stochastic runs.

This is a half-day session. Users will find this module useful for:

  • Large-scale scenario runs
  • Cashflow Testing for interest-sensitive products
  • Capital (MCCSR) and Reserve requirements for Segregated Funds
  • Capital (C3P2) and Reserve (VA-CARVM) requirements for Variable Annuities
  • Economic Capital calculations
  • Pricing Segregated Funds and Variable Annuities using the Embedded Block (Stochastic-on-Stochastic)
  • Future reserve and capital valuations for DCAT / DST


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