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Scheduled Training - Module Specific

Please note: You must complete the General Overview and General Liability Web Based Training before attending  these sessions.

Each takes about 6-8 hours so keep that in mind when signing up. We will be checking shortly before the actual scheduled session to make sure that you have gone through the Web Based Training and if not then we will need to cancel this session and sign you up for a future class.

Sessions are offered for each of the AXIS liability modules. The topics available and the estimated session times are:

Regular Life (1/2 day)
Par Life (1/2 day)
Universal Life (1 day)
Annuity (1 day)
Group Annuity (1 day) - Upon request.
Disability (1 day)
Hedge Projection (1 day) - Advanced Topic. Available upon request. Please click here for a detailed description.

Participants will be shown many of the features specific to the module.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Make informed choices for switch settings
  • Use the various shapes and definitions of tables to achieve desired results
  • Generate dividends
  • Produce illustrations
  • Set up investment accounts
  • Link various assumptions to the scenario

For a particular module, each session will concentrate on the impact of input on the various types of output. Many of the input selections will be reviewed so that participants are aware of the choices available. Policy year results will be reproduced in detail so that participants are aware of how the calculations are done. Other output including the illustration (if applicable) and the calendar year projections will also be covered.

These sessions are suitable for new users who have participated in the General Liability session or for experienced users who want either a review of a module they have previously used or to expand their AXIS training to a new liability module.

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