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Scheduled Training - DataLink

Please note: You must complete the General Overview and General Liability Web Based Training before attending  these sessions.

This full day session introduces users with some familiarity with AXIS, to seriatim processing, building and updating of AXIS objects.  AXIS DataLink is used to link the users source information with AXIS.  Using DataLink in both Asset and Liability applications will be covered during this session.  

At the end of this session, participants will be able to …

  • Set up a connection to virtually any format of source information
  • Read the source information into a DataLink table
  • Program simple data manipulations
  • Use supplementary database tables (i.e. reference, user defined)
  • Query input and output to summarize and analyze
  • Set up batches and macros to automate the process
  • Create and modify objects (i.e. Cells, Subfunds) automatically when necessary
  • Create and use custom reports for output

This session is designed for AXIS users new to DataLink, and is appropriate for users inheriting an existing DataLink process or building a new one. This session covers DataLink applications used to model both Assets and Liabilities.

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