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Scheduled Training - Reinvestment

Please note: You must complete the General Overview, General Asset and General Liability Web Based Training before attending these sessions.

This full day session will introduce experienced AXIS users to analyzing balance sheets and income statements in AXIS and setting up Reinvestment Strategies. You must have completed the General Asset Web Based Training, or be an experienced user of the Asset module and at least one of the Liability modules. This session would also be relevant for CALM or Cashflow Testing (CFT).

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand investment income calculation in a liability-only model
  • Build asset modeling knowledge beyond the basics presented in the General Asset web-based training
  • Combine assets and liabilities in an integrated ALM model
  • Find and understand key reports for ALM models
  • Modify projection starting assets
  • Set up a complex reinvestment strategy including a combination of:
    • Cashflow / Target allocation
    • Cashflow / Duration matching
    • Borrowing
    • Selling assets
  • Recalculate investment income for the income statement at the Fund level
  • Capture the portfolio rate both interactively and using a Batch

This interactive session is based on examples designed to highlight for participants the major aspects of the reinvestment functionality. Details can be discussed with the trainer during the session to ensure specific needs and questions are addressed.

Note: CALM specific details are covered in detail in www.ggy.com/htmlhelp/axis/43251.htm. CFT specific details are covered in www.ggy.com/htmlhelp/axis/47942.htm.

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