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Training on Request - Advanced Topics

Please note: You must complete the General Overview and General Liability Web Based Training before attending  these sessions. Knowledge or experience in relevant modules is also required.

These sessions cover a variety of topics for the advanced user. The topics available and the estimated session times are as follows:

Cash Flow Testing (1 day) - This interactive US CFT session introduces experienced AXIS users to the CFT process and reinvestment strategies. It is based on examples designed to highlight major aspects of the functionality, and covers how to:

  • Create, modify and manage scenarios
  • Generate the NY 7 scenarios with Scenario Tools
  • Generate Initial Asset Position at the Fund level, interactively and using AXIS batches
  • Capture the Portfolio Rate interactively and using AXIS batches
  • Create and modify reinvestment strategies, investigating options for positive and negative cashflows
  • Create and modify Calendar Year and Summary reports to view the results.

Dynamic Capital Adequacy Testing (1/2 day) - This session covers various setups necessary for DCAT analysis:

  • Adverse scenarios: inflation increase, fund shocks
  • Persistency changes and policyholder behaviour
  • Reserve revaluation: at cell and fund levels
  • Capital projections: at cell and fund levels
  • Batch Testing

Experience Refund (2 hours) - This session presents an overview of all the functionality including both deterministic and stochastic ER. It includes the switches, and a look into each of the formula tables.

Required Surplus – Canada MCCSR (2 hours) - This session will take a look at all the switches, and a detailed look at the MCCSR mortality components.

VA AG43 Reserves and C3P2 Capital Requirement (1/2 day) - The  goal of this session is to show participants how to set up VACARVM and/or C3P2 models using the Block object to get  reserve and required capital as of the valuation date in AXIS. During the session, we will cover all the available features related to VACARVM/C3P2 in AXIS such as cell level standard scenario run and the Summary Seriatim Report. For both the stochastic  and deterministic components, particular attention will be given to setting the relevant assumptions at the investment account, cell, block, embedded block and fund levels. In addition, this session will take the participants through the steps to project VACARVM and/or C3P2 using the embedded block. The block and embedded block objects are stochastic processing (SP) functionalities needed for setting up VACARVM/C3P2. For more details on stochastic processing, please refer to the SP training course description.

Earnings by Source (2 hours) - This session presents an overview of bringing transaction in through DataLink and reviewing the output. Training prerequisites for this course are DataLink and the specific liability module that you are interested in.

Experience Studies (1 hour) - This session presents an overview of bringing transaction in through DataLink and reviewing the output. Prerequisites for this course are DataLink and Earnings by Source training.

These sessions presume a high level of proficiency with AXIS. Some sessions are specific to liability modules, while others refer to the asset module or possibly both. Users are also free to suggest other topics. Topics offered each month depend on the interest(s) of the participant(s).

Introduction to ScenarioTools (1/2 day) - This session introduces experienced AXIS users to stochastic generation of economic scenarios and their uses within AXIS asset and liability modules. This highly interactive session is based on exercises designed to highlight for participants the major aspects of the functionality. Details can be discussed with the trainer during the session to ensure specific needs and questions are addressed.

Please note: Completion of the General Asset and Formula Tables Web Based Training is highly recommended.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Set up and process all of the typical scenario generators
  • Store the generated scenarios for use within AXIS modules
  • Build Scenario Analysers and interpret the results
  • Create and use custom reports for output

Hedge Projection (1 day) - This full day session will introduce experienced AXIS users to the Hedge Projection module in AXIS. Using this functionality, trainees will set up a consistent risk-neutral pricing framework to determine consistent market sensitivities on the asset and liability sides of the balance sheet. Trainees will then calculate/report the sensitivities at the cell level in the Annuity module. Next, the trainees will create a hedging strategy in a Fund to generate asset positions that will result in the same market sensitivities on the asset side of the balance sheet.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Create and run risk-neutral scenario generators in AXIS
  • Create Asset Pricing Model (APM) to specify greeks calculations and risk-neutral scenario set
  • Create embedded guarantees (GMDB/GMAB/GMWB/GMIB) in variable annuity cells
  • Calculate embedded option values and greeks for VA liabilities in AXIS
  • Reconcile embedded option values and greeks using reports available in AXIS
  • Create hedging strategies to ensure that asset greeks match liability greeks

Advanced topics (if time permits) will include:

  • Calculating greeks and executing hedging strategy in embedded block
  • Using a formula table in the hedging strategy
  • Reflecting collateral requirements or transaction costs in the hedge strategy
  • Using AXIS reporting and batches to determine the effectiveness of a hedging strategy

Prerequisites for this training include:

  • Annuity Training
  • Reinvestment Training

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