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EnterpriseLink Level 1 Course Description:

Welcome to AXIS EnterpriseLink, a server-based model management platform, which provides an enterprise level framework for multi user AXIS model development, centralized change control processes, automation and reporting. AXIS can only be now run in an EnterpriseLink environment.

At the end of this Level 1 session, participants will be able to

  • Obtain a high level view of AXIS EnterpriseLink architecture and control framework
  • Navigate the AXIS EnterpriseLink user dashboard
  • Work with different AXIS versions
  • Work with datasets
  • Understand change management controls afforded by user groups and set of permissions
  • Work with jobs and automation tools
  • Build reports
  • Inspect logs

The session is designed for AXIS users new to AXIS EnterpriseLink and contains hands-on exercises, covering day-to day business user's tasks.

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