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Result Comparator Enhanced (August, 2008)

Article Summary:

The Result Comparator compares exported data, and it can also compare stored cell results. It is a useful tool that enables you to automatically detect changes in projections and other results, instead of looking at the exported data or manipulating it outside of AXIS.

To run the Result Comparator application, open the Import-Export database viewer in AXIS, click on the table that contains two results you want to compare, and then select "Compare last two runs in current table" from the menu under the "Compare" button. You can also compare results in more than one table.

Many improvements have been made to the user interface, speed and functionality of the Result Comparator application. Now you can clearly identify the batches that produced the compared results, for what objects (cells, scenarios, etc.) the results are different, and see at a glance what kind of differences these are (e.g. values are different, rows are missing, etc.).

Moreover, now AXIS stores the history of the compared results, and it is no longer necessary to run bulky comparison operations each time anew. AXIS enables you to review recent comparisons of results, and to pull up the underlying data quickly (if it has not been moved or overwritten).




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