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Changes to Maintained Versions (November, 2015)

Article Summary:

Important change to AXIS Maintained Versions, starting in November 2015 with version 20159904

As of November 2015, we have made a change to the Maintained Versions of AXIS. This change will apply to the 2015 Maintained stream and future Maintained streams (2016, 2017 etc.).

Traditionally in any given Maintained stream, a dataset could be shared between any AXIS version belonging to that stream.  For example AXIS version 20159903 could read a dataset with AXIS version 20159901 and vice versa.  Beginning with the 20159904 Maintained version to be released in November 2015, datasets opened by a maintained version will no longer be readable by earlier versions.

This change will benefit our clients for the following reasons:

  1. Restricting earlier versions with known bugs from opening the dataset prevents them from potentially updating a dataset with incorrect results.
  2. The change permits a larger range of bug fixes to be incorporated into Maintained versions, thereby increasing their quality.

We recommend that clients always move to the latest version of a Maintained stream so that they can rest assured that all known bugs have been fixed.

More information on Maintained versions can be found in: www.ggy.com/support/kbase/kbdetails.asp?searchterm=&articleid=240


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