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Context Sensitive Assumption Screens (June, 2013)

Article Summary:

Assumption screens in AXIS are being reworked to become context sensitive. As a result, some of the input fields will now only be shown in the context in which their values are required.

To illustrate these dynamic filters, let's look at an example from the "Asset Features - Mortgage" section of the Asset Cell.

When the "Service fee type" switch is set to option "0 - Not used" notice that the "Service fee" scalar field is not shown:

When the "Service fee type" switch is set to option "1 - Period-end expense" the "Service fee" field is needed and shown:

There are several advantages to this new approach:

1) Many fields will not be shown, reducing screen clutter.
2) Field dependencies will become clearer to the user.
3) Advanced features will be hidden until needed.

Fields not shown in a given context are termed N/A (not applicable) screen fields. In anticipation that some users may not feel comfortable with fields disappearing from the screen, we allow the user to decide how N/A fields should behave. The behaviour can be set to:

1) Hide
2) Grey
3) Show

Whenever you have an assumption screen open, you can set the "N/A Screen Fields" behaviour by choosing "Format" from the menus at the top of the screen, and then "Options":

Context sensitivity in AXIS will evolve over time. New fields will use this feature first. Existing fields will be retrofitted in time.




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