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Policy Audit Reports (September, 2011)

Article Summary:

This article contains Policy Audit Reports examples and a link to interactive training.


The end goal of the Policy Audit process is production of an Excel workbook or PDF file that contains detailed information about a policy including cell assumptions, optional fields or the results from any existing AXIS report.

The Policy Audit Report functionality makes use of Formula Tables in AXIS. There is online training available for Formula Tables on the GGY website: www.ggy.com/support/training/webbased.asp

The PowerPoint presentation "Policy Audit Report structure.ppsx" below contains an overview of how the different parts fit together.

The dataset below includes examples of Policy Audit Reports as well as Excel files showing the output.

Policy Audit Report Object

Policy Audit Reports can be accessed through the menu system View -> Other -> Policy Audit Report or by clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the AXIS screen (right click, customize toolbar to add).

From the Policy Audit Report screen, the user can create Summary Reports to be included and select existing reports. Each report selected will be output onto a separate tab of the Excel sheet. A table of contents will be created for the Excel Sheet, with links to each tab.

Summary Reports

There are a number of functions that can be added to the Summary report to produce a useful report. Specifically, within the cell properties, there is a "Policy Audit Report page" choice that can be selected. A separate formula table is required for each report to be output, although multiple reports can be included in a single summary report.

Summary Report Formula Tables

Within a Summary Report, a Summary Report Formula Table can be created that will select information lines and assumptions that the user wishes to display. The Formula table will produce a single item of information about the policy under audit. This can be text or a more complex block of data such as assumptions or a calculated result. If more than one output function is used in the script then the last one will be used to produce the information for the audit.

Policy Audit Report Batch Job

The Policy Audit Report Batch job, which is a Dataset Formula Batch, allows users to define the name of the Excel File, choose to run the policy with an override as well as selecting whether to append or overwrite the output. There is an “Audit Report” button that invokes the Audit Report creation wizard.

Interactive Policy Audit Reports eLearning Course

Policy Audit Reports training, practice and testing is available at www.ggy.com/policytraining. Please note however that the interactive course is not currently supported on handheld devices. 

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