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Article Title: AXIS Distributed Processing
Article Type: General System  
Article ID #: 296
GGY Contacts: GGY Client Support (416-250-6777)
Last Modified: 06 Jun 16

Article Summary:

Distributed Processing allows AXIS calculations to be run in parallel over multiple processor cores in one computer significantly reducing the runtimes.

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Article Detail:

Starting from AXIS, the ability of Standard Distributed Processing to work over multiple computers was disabled and now has been completely removed from AXIS code starting with version (February, 2011).

You will still be able to use standard distributed processing with up to 15 local automatic helpers in one computer.

If you are currently using Distributed Processing over multiple machines in earlier versions of AXIS, we will continue to provide limited support for your setup to allow for a transition to a single box solution.

We will not be able to assist you in setting up any new environments involving spanning distributed processing over multiple machines in any versions of AXIS. We will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail and suggest the most appropriate long term solutions.

For more information please refer to the following article:

Distributed Processing allows AXIS calculations to be run in parallel over multiple processor cores in one computer significantly reducing the runtimes.

The standard AXIS license allows you to run an AXIS batch job using the Distributed Processing option with up to 15 Helpers.

This Standard Distributed Processing feature is a single user solution for reducing AXIS runtimes when complex processes on large volumes of data are involved.  Helpers used in Standard Distributed Processing mode are automatically started by the master copy of AXIS on the same machine as the master utilizing multiple processor (CPU) cores of the computer. Standard Distributed Processing works very well for a one-batch-at-a-time scenario if a user is in full control of a multi-processor multi-core computer.

AXIS GridLink vs. Standard Distributed Processing

AXIS GridLink is designed to provide a secure, robust production environment that can scale over multiple dedicated computers up to 100's of processor cores running multiple distributed jobs in parallel or in succession. Consider AXIS GridLink as a solution when:

  • many jobs in different datasets need to be run
  • end-user workstation need to be free to develop models
  • required processing resources exceed 15 CPU cores (e.g. for stochastic processing)
  • multiple users need to share the processor farm
  • multiple versions are in use
  • access control to data partitions is required
  • teams of users need secure production/testing/development environment

For more information on AXIS GridLink please refer to www.ggy.com\gridlink

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