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Article Title: Notice of Client Support Portal Changes
Article Type: General Actuarial  
Article ID #: 2052
GGY Contacts: GGY Client Support (416-250-6777)
Last Modified: 13 Apr 16

Article Summary:

As part of an ongoing initiative to improve our website, many of you will have noticed that we have recently improved the GGY client support area on our website.

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Article Detail:

When you click on the “Client Login / File Upload” link, you will now see the following:

Other than the new look, certain additions have been made which are important for you to know about.

Support options

You can still send questions to axis@ggy.com, however, we request that you use the options outlined below, as they prompt you for essential information to help us best handle your questions or issues.

Post to an incident report

Allows you to create an IR (or post to an existing IR) without uploading a file. Previously this could only be done with a file attachment. Note that a GGY Account is required to use this option.

  • You will be asked to include specific information (e.g. modules, version numbers, etc.) to help us to better direct your questions/issues to the appropriate area.
  • If you know which area at GGY (e.g. Traditional Products, New Money Products, ALM, Systems etc.) would be most likely handle your question, an option is now available to allow you to specify that area.  If you are not sure, simply select the “General Enquiry Mailbox” and we will re-direct accordingly.

Send an email to ask for help or information

This now displays a new ‘form’ allowing you to ask us a question without logging in. Note that a GGY Account is NOT required in order to use this option

  • You can include specific information (e.g. modules, version numbers, etc.), if applicable to your question, to help us to better direct your questions/issues to the appropriate area.

Download Files

Go to this area to download files attached to an existing Incident Report (IR), or upload files to an existing IR.

Download Options

There are now two ways to download our software - the "older" mechanism of company credentials or the "newer" mechanism of using your GGY web account.
AXIS, EnterpriseLink, and GridLink can now be downloaded from one place using your GGY web login. 

  • AXIS downloads through the "older" mechanism are still supported.
  • Downloads of EnterpriseLink or GridLink are supported through the newer mechanism only.

AXIS Downloads

If you click the “Downloads” link from the homepage, you will be presented with the option to use either mechanism to download AXIS only, if you are not already signed in:

If you choose to download our software using the new mechanism, our system will ask you to sign in and check if your account has permissions to download our software.

  • Not all users will be eligible to download
  • Download permissions are controlled by the software license key administrator on a per-user level.

AXIS EnterpriseLink and AXIS GridLink Downloads

These are only available from the client support page, in the downloads section:

Clicking any of those areas will require a sign-in, after which the system will check to see if you (as a user) have the individual permissions to download those installation packages. If you do not have permissions, our webpage will ask you to contact your company’s registered administrator to get access.

Each of the download pages will contain links to the current versions, historical versions and release notes, in the following format:

GGY Account

This area is dedicated to management of your GGY Web account. It has links to change your account password and change your security question/answer. This section’s features are largely unchanged from our previous website.


We have added an administration section to the client support area for administrators only. This area will only appear if your account has administrator-level access to the AXIS software key system.

Click on those links to manage your company’s download permissions, AXIS software key licenses, and GridLink Farm licenses (if applicable).

Manage Download Permissions for Users

You may control download permissions for all of our software, including whether or not your users can upload or download to the client area, from the download permissions screen. From left to right, the order is AXIS, EnterpriseLink, GridLink and then User File. User file controls whether or not the user can upload or download files to GGY client support:

Administrators can enable/disable downloads per user or per group. The checkmarks next to each user control individual permissions, while the checkmarks at the top near the headers control group permissions.

You may use the First and Last Name search boxes to search for specific users.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Manage AXIS Software Keys

This is a link to the Software Key Management System. This portal is used to manage AXIS licenses for your division.

More information about the portal area is here: AXIS Software Key Management

Anyone designated as an administrator needs to approve any new licenses or requests for license reactivation.  To add or remove administrators, contact GGY.  

Manage GridLink Farm Licenses

This is a link to the GridLink Farm License Management Utility.  This allows you to quickly activate a backup master server when a master server fails, activate a DR farm when a production farm fails.  It also allows you to request new queue licenses / processor core licenses online. 

AXIS GridLink is separately purchased and licensed from AXIS. To add or remove administrators, contact GGY.

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