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Overview of AXIS for IT Support

1 - Technical Overview of AXIS for IT Support

This article gives a brief overview of what AXIS is used for, supported software platforms, technical architecture and a summary of the GGY support services in relation to a clients own technical support staff. AXIS hardware key options, suggestions for handling error messages and a brief summary of AXIS distributed processing is also included.

2 - Equipment Recommendations

This comprehensive document is updated frequently and discusses the recommended hardware setup for optimal use of AXIS. It includes some comparative AXIS run times using processors from both AMD and Intel as well as hard disk, video, memory and operating system recommendations.

3 - Installing AXIS

4 - Anti-Virus Scanners and AXIS

The AXIS actuarial system makes heavy demands (reading/writing) on the file system of your computer. As a result, antivirus software set to scan the file system can cause serious performance problems with AXIS. This article summarizes some of the more common problems and some possible solutions.
5 - Guide to Distributed Processing
6 - Using AXIS in a Production Environment

Includes basics of AXIS security and control issues (network/Windows, test vs production, Audit Log feature, date/time stamps and user ID's). In addition, Backing up and restoring datasets is discussed as well as using production batch processes (System Batches and System Formulas, Invoking AXIS from the command line).
7 - Communicating with External Systems

Basics of seriatim input and source files, import/export database.
8 - Installing Updates to AXIS Software

This document discusses best practices for installing and verifying new versions of AXIS in a production environment.
9 - AXIS GridLink

This document discusses AXIS GridLink Module. AXIS GridLink is a Grid solution to managing the processor farm used for distributed processing of AXIS batch calculation runs. It offers a comprehensive set of tools that help you create and manage a more efficient and secure production environment.
10 - Recommended Hardware for a GridLink Farm

You may be considering a 16 core farm or a 128 core farm, or something in between. We strongly recommend you to consider your future needs before setting up even a small farm, so that you can continue to use the hardware you choose now as part of the larger farm you may need tomorrow. Please review this document for further information on hardware requirements.

11 - Training for IT Support

This full day training session introduces users to the issues and best practices associated with using AXIS in a production environment.


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