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AXIS Module - GridLink

The AXIS GridLink Module allows you to:

  • Control the farm without logging on to the farm servers.
  • Initiate AXIS Batch jobs from any AXIS workstation.
  • Continue to use your workstation productively for other tasks and applications, including other AXIS processing, after submitting a job to the farm
  • Automatically start the appropriate Master and Helpers for the current job on the farm, and control the maximum number of helpers assigned on the farm.
  • Monitor your Batch job running on the farm and the queue of pending jobs submitted by multiple users in multiple AXIS versions, either from your local workstation or from home (using VPN).
  • Move pending jobs up and down in the queue, or cancel them, if required.
  • Review the history of runs with detailed documentation

For more information, please see AXIS GridLink Overview.







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