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AXIS Flexibility

AXIS is vendor maintained yet extremely flexible. The system alleviates your need to provide the programming expertise along with the associated cost.

AXIS has to be flexible because the calculation engine is locked.  We provide user programmability at the front-end and reporting levels but not in the critical calculation steps.  We have tremendous flexibility in describing insurance products, defining valuation bases, and reporting intermediate and summary level results. 

With GGY, when you want a change, our goal is to generalize the change. Because we are not doing custom changes for just one user the cost is spread over many users and most changes are covered as part of the maintenance. And each user has the opportunity to benefit from all the improvements to the system. With open systems, the benefit is lost to other companies and even within companies since frequently the changes do not get into all the copies being used.

We have added several new objects to the system that will give you even more flexibility while retaining the traditional advantages of AXIS. For example, a Formula Table may be used instead of a normal table in specific places in the system where extra flexibility is required. AXIS Formula Tables allow the user to program their own algorithms and develop table data while maintaining compatibility with AXIS - even as you upgrade to newer versions of the system. They are a part of your Dataset, and are not a part of the AXIS source code (which is maintained by GGY in C++). For this reason, Formula Tables contain specific output fields supported by AXIS which will be used by the system in calculating the AXIS results. These output fields ensure that there are no problems when transferring data or converting to new versions, as AXIS will use the Formula Table results in the same way it does a stored table value.  AXIS Formula Tables allow table contents to be dynamically defined using AXIS script (VBA) code.

AXIS Formula Tables are currently available for many different product features and assumptions including:

  • Premium Persistency in UL
  • Partial Withdrawals in UL and Annuity
  • Extra Lapses in UL and Annuity
  • Fund Bonus in UL
  • Surrender Charges in UL

For a more comprehensive list, and training on the use of Formula Tables, please visit the Web Based Formula Tables training

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