AXIS EnterpriseLink offers these benefits for valuation users.
All-in-One User Dashboard
  • One place to find all components of your AXIS work
    AXIS EnterpriseLink dashboard is a starting point for your work with datasets, backups, input and output files, import/export databases, and reports.
  • Single point access to all great tools AXIS EnterpriseLink offers
    Application automatically customizes the layout presented in the dashboard to provide you with direct access to all AXIS versions and a variety of tools you need based on your role in the system.
  • Customizable set of functional areas
    You can change the layout of your dashboard components by hiding sections you currently do not intend to use.
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  Immediate Access to All Required AXIS Versions

  • No time spent on installation, or dealing with license keys
    You don’t have to worry about AXIS keys and multiple installations - you have immediate access to all required AXIS versions, which are centrally installed in the dedicated server directory.
  • Easier management of datasets from different versions
    AXIS EnterpriseLink automatically opens a dataset in the correct version of AXIS. Alternatively, you can choose to open the dataset in a newer version from the library and convert it when needed.
  • Control access to specific AXIS versions
    While many different versions of AXIS may be deployed in EnterpriseLink, you can select just a specific list of AXIS versions required for the members of your user group to work with. This helps simplify the work flow and reduce potential for errors.
  • Direct access to AXIS version release notes and sample datasets
    You can find sample datasets on a selected AXIS version screen and copy them to your work area folder. Direct link brings you to the GGY web page containing a list of new features and changes introduced in the selected version.

Secure and Easy to Manage Work Areas
  • Configurable work areas for your datasets, files, and calculation results
    Find all your datasets and files easily by navigating work areas allocated for the users in your group. No more guessing where to place your data and the backups. You can create a hierarchy of folders and subfolders to logically structure the areas of your work. Learn more >>
  • Easily share your data with your team
    Datasets, input and output files, queries and reports, as well as dataset backup archives are easily shared by all members of the user group via common work areas shown in the application dashboard.
  • Protect access to selected work areas
    Control access to work areas using custom roles and permissions. This helps achieve segregation of duties and a security level required for compliance by auditors.
  • Log messages and notes documenting all AXIS work
    AXIS EnterpriseLink comes with a comprehensive logging mechanism. Messages generated by the system as a result of user actions performed in the work areas are captured and presented for your review in the logs. You can create and post notes to document your work in each folder. Dashboard offers you a filtered view for the notes and log messages with various details about various events in the system.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office tools
    Automatically open any file stored in your work area folders in associated applications such as Microsoft Excel or Access right from the AXIS EnterpriseLink dashboard.
  • Control over other users access to data stored in your work area
    Customize permissions to allow only the actions that are required for the desired work flow to be performed by members of different user groups on datasets and files in your work areas and backup archives.
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  Simple and Safe Backup Mechanism
  • No lost or overwritten backups anymore
    You can back up a dataset multiple times with no risk of overwriting already existing backups.
  • Backup history with documentation
    Document each backup with a notepad and the system will maintain a backup history for each dataset in each folder where you worked. Pick and restore any version of your dataset from its history.
  • Learn more >>

Dataset Version Control
  • Centralized repository for AXIS dataset revisions
    Check your datasets and Jobs in to the EnterpriseLink version control repository and maintain the revision history for each dataset and Job. Check the datasets out for editing or get a copy of any version of the dataset down to your work area folder for testing or production runs. Check your Job out to proceed with the script development or get a copy of any version of the Job for a test run.
  • History view and versions comparator
    Review the history of "check-ins" for a dataset and/or Job under version control and compare any two selected versions to see what changes were made between them. Powerful dataset comparator tool performs quick and accurate dataset comparisons and provides you with a clear interface for easy analysis of differences found between all types of dataset objects. You can also compare Jobs to see the changes in the script and property values, and Global Parameters associated per Job. Learn more >>
  • Report on changes
    Dataset version control database stores dates and times when datasets were added or their versions were checked in, along with the name of the user and notepads for each dataset version. The ability to track and report on changes helps comply with auditors’ requirements.
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 Easy Access to AXIS GridLink Farms

  • Integration with multiple AXIS GridLink farms
    All versions of AXIS you are using are automatically configured with optimal parameters for access to one or multiple queues in your AXIS GridLink environment so you can immediately start submitting jobs when you need to run long batches on the powerful processing farm.
  • Monitor jobs right from the EnterpriseLink dashboard
    Monitor active jobs running on EnterpriseLink servers or in any of your GridLink job queues right from the dashboard and view the completed jobs list and their batch logs.

Automation With Scripted Jobs

  • Scripted jobs to perform sequences of calculations or processes
    AXIS users have already benefited from the ability to write their own AXIS Script (similar to Visual Basic for Applications - VBA) in a System Formula. EnterpriseLink provides a central place to create and execute scripts right from the user dashboard. These jobs are especially suited for production processes but can also be written by the user to perform various service tasks such as backing up datasets or converting datasets to newer versions of AXIS.
    We also introduced a new type of EnterpriseLink Job “EnterpriseLink Script”. Unlike an “AXIS Script” type job that runs in AXIS, the EnterpriseLink Script job runs on EnterpriseLink allowing for native access to model dataset management functionality and Version Control capabilities, while providing functions to run AXIS jobs locally on the EnterpriseLink server or submit jobs to queues in AXIS GridLink on-premise or cloud based farms.
  • Automated runs without manual intervention
    Use of Global Parameters provides the ability to run jobs without having to open datasets or job scripts, as well to perform fully automated runs via the built-in job scheduler. You can control which users can edit the job script, its parameters or job schedule.
  • Sample Jobs Library
    Review Sample Jobs scripts to analyze the most often used functions/commands for maintenance and production runs. Copy the sample script into a new job and edit it to use with your datasets and/or enhance it with the functions specific for your needs.
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  Automated Runs and Jobs Scheduler

  • Centralized repository for scripted production and maintenance jobs for automating AXIS runs
    EnterpriseLink jobs module provides you with a simple interface to the scripted jobs repository. It enables you to edit, schedule and monitor automated runs.
  • Job Scheduling mechanism
    EnterpriseLink introduces an easy-to-use interface for scheduling automated runs. You can set a date and time for job execution, establish the frequency to run with and select the AXIS version and the computer on which the job will run.
  • Job monitoring and history
    You can monitor the status and progress of running jobs, including jobs running on GridLink and review the history of completed jobs and their batch logs right on the AXIS EnterpriseLink dashboard.

  Job Version Control
  • Check your jobs into an EnterpriseLink Version Control Project
    and maintain the revisions history for each job. Check out the Job for editing or get a copy of any version to a selected Job Set for a testing or production run.
  • Compare Job versions selected from the Job History in Project
    to identify differences between the scripts, Parameters and Job Properties.

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  Powerful Query Tool and Report Library
  • Visual query builder for complex data mining
    AXIS EnterpriseLink Query Tool is a powerful component for extracting information from various data sources. Graphical interface lets you build queries in a visual manner. Various database objects can be dragged and dropped into a query editor to develop advanced queries. Advanced query features are available via direct SQL editing.
  • Comprehensive Data Viewer
    Query results can be further manipulated according to your requirements. Multiple-column sorting or grouping, column navigation, horizontal and vertical split views, etc. give you a rich set of tools to customize data views.
  • Centralized reports library
    You can create multiple report libraries to organize your queries and reports by projects. These libraries allow you to share queries you created with other users. You can control which user group can access your report library for editing or executing queries.
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