AXIS EnterpriseLink offers these benefits for IT/Support personnel.

All-in-One User Dashboard

  • One place to find all components of your work
    AXIS EnterpriseLink dashboard is a starting point for your work with great tools that provide you with control over system resources and user groups management.
  • Portal to user group and work flow management
    EnterpriseLink user group management area provides control over users' access to work areas and actions that the members of the group are required to perform. Custom permissions can be assigned to work areas, report libraries, jobs and other components of the system to help segregate duties and allow access to necessary tools for corresponding groups of users.
  • Single point access to all great tools AXIS EnterpriseLink offers
    Application modes presented on the dashboard provide you with direct access to a variety of tools you are allowed to implement based on the role(s) assigned to your user group.
  • Customizable set of functional areas
    You can minimize a number of dashboard components by temporarily hiding application modes you currently do not intend to use.
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Secure Environment

  • Integration with Windows Active Directory
    Security is at the core of the system. Integration with Windows Active Directory ensures users access only to those areas that are designated for their work.
  • Secure single point sign-on and user authentication
    AXIS EnterpriseLink provides a single sign-on procedure that is secure and scalable. Users authenticated in Windows are mapped to the user role in EnterpriseLink according to their membership in Active Directory groups. Once logged in, they are provided with corresponding levels of access to system resources and different areas of functionality consistently across all EnterpriseLink servers in your environment.
  • Access groups feature for further improved security
    You can assign a special proxy account to the user group to prevent an end user from being able to access work areas and databases under their own credentials from outside of EnterpriseLink.

Simplified AXIS Network Infrastructure Setup and Maintenance

  • Unified control over all EnterpriseLink settings
    You can specify directories for work areas, assign paths for backup and version control and temporary file locations - all configured in one place. AXIS versions deployment, license key and GridLink job queues management, are all performed via the simple interface that guides you through the required steps. Learn more >>
  • Centrally managed data backup locations with easy retrieval
    Smart backup mechanism enables automatic saving of all user backups in the designated locations. As a result, further archiving of the backed up data is simplified. Any backup file can be easily retrieved by using references from the backup history. Storage folder can be moved to different hardware easily without affecting users. Learn more >>
  • Easy disk space maintenance and work areas relocation
    Disk usage and free disk space levels can be monitored across the entire EnterpriseLink environment via a snapshot tool that queries and shows all work areas, backup directories and other paths defined in the system, in one report. You get an early indication when additional space may be required and can take timely action for hardware upgrades or replacement. Work areas and backup repositories can be easily moved to the device with more disk space without requiring users to retarget all their input and output references in their models or production jobs.
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Centralized AXIS Version Control and Licensing

  • Single point remote deployment of AXIS versions for the cluster of computers
    AXIS EnterpriseLink provides a single point of remote deployment of AXIS versions. There is no need for multiple installations of the same version. Once installed in the shared server directory, a version is available for assigning to user groups intending to work with it.
  • Control access to AXIS versions
    User group management area allows you to control access to the specific AXIS versions.
  • Unified license key management
    Centralized license key management eliminates the complexity of dealing with individual user licensing. Software key deployed in EnterpriseLink automatically enables all installed AXIS versions for licensed users registered in the system. Software license keys associated with the AXIS user’s domain account allow users who work on multiple machines to easily move between machines in the same Active Directory (AD) domain (and with the same username), without registering the individual machine with our licensing system.

  • Self-service software key management portal
    on the GGY website for key administrators. This portal allows key administrators to quickly view the status of their company’s AXIS keys, assign or revoke license keys, and monitor licensing activity (logs) and run report.

Scripted Jobs

  • Scripted jobs to perform sequences of calculations or processes
    AXIS users have already benefited from the ability to write their own AXIS Script (similar to Visual Basic for Applications - VBA) in a System Formula. EnterpriseLink provides a central place to create and execute scripts right from the user dashboard. These jobs are especially suited for production processes but can also be written by IT support to perform various service tasks such as backing up datasets or converting datasets to newer versions of AXIS.
    We also introduced a new type of EnterpriseLink Job “EnterpriseLink Script”. Unlike an “AXIS Script” type job that runs in AXIS, the EnterpriseLink Script job runs on EnterpriseLink allowing for native access to model dataset management functionality and Version Control capabilities, while providing functions to run AXIS jobs locally on the EnterpriseLink server or submit jobs to queues in AXIS GridLink on-premise or cloud based farms.
  • Job Version Control
    Check your job into an EnterpriseLink Version Control Project and maintain the revision history for each job. Check out jobs for editing or get a copy of any version of the job for a testing or production run.
  • Automated runs without manual intervention
    Use of Global Parameters provides the ability to run jobs without having to open datasets or job scripts, as well to perform fully automated runs via the built-in job scheduler. You can control which users can edit the job script, its parameters or job schedule.
  • Sample Jobs Library
    Review Sample Jobs scripts to analyze the most often used functions/commands for maintenance and production runs. Copy the sample script into a new job and edit it to use with your datasets and/or enhance it with the functions specific for your needs.
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Integration with AXIS GridLink Farms

  • Integration with multiple AXIS GridLink farms
    Configure all GridLink job queues from one or multiple farms in the EnterpriseLink settings and assign them to the user groups. All versions of AXIS that your users are working with are automatically configured with optimal parameters for access to the assigned queues so that the users can immediately start submitting jobs.
  • Submit jobs to a GridLink queue or run locally
    AXIS EnterpriseLink controls user group access to AXIS GridLink farms. Once a user group is granted a right to use the GridLink queue(s), users can choose to submit their batch to the GridLink farm queue or run it on one of the EnterpriseLink servers. Scripted service jobs can also be run on GridLink or performed locally.  
  • Monitor jobs right from the AXIS EnterpriseLink dashboard
    Monitor active jobs running on EnterpriseLink servers or in any of your GridLink job queues right from the dashboard and view the completed jobs list and their batch logs.

Automated Runs and Jobs Scheduler

  • Job Scheduling mechanism
    EnterpriseLink introduces an easy-to-use interface for scheduling automated runs. You can set a date and time for job execution, establish the frequency to run with or specify a run code for the Job to be triggered by an external application; and select the AXIS version and the computer on which the job will run.
  • Job monitoring and history
    You can monitor the status and progress of running jobs, including jobs running on GridLink and review the history of completed jobs and their batch logs right on the AXIS EnterpriseLink dashboard.
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System Reports

  • Connect to EnterpriseLink's own SQL Server database
    Query various internal configuration tables, logs, user and object lists to produce numerous administrative reports.

Access to GridLink Cloud Service

  • Utilize GridLink capacity on-demand
    Easily submit AXIS batch jobs to GGY GridLink Cloud for processing in the GridLink farm hosted by GGY. Pay only for the core-hours used to run your jobs.
  • Or host full-time GridLink farm in GGY Cloud
    Your GridLink farm with guaranteed number of processor cores and job queues can be fully hosted and managed by GGY in the GGY Cloud environment. Accessible by your users 24/7/365 to run unlimited number of jobs for a fixed monthly service fee.
  • Secure, reliable and convenient
    GGY Cloud Services are built with security in mind; with fundamental architectural requirements such as full separation of data and access permissions, and use of industry standard encryption and secure transfer protocols and authentication technologies.
    Easy-to-use web based portal is provided to monitor running jobs, review run information and batch logs and access calculated AXIS results.
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